Edmonds Public Library 
650 Main Street | Exhibit space, suitable for 2-D work consists of two slatted walls in the southeast corner that allows for flexible hanging arrangements.  The 2 5/8” slats run horizontally and have 3/8” spaces between them. One wall is 32’ by 6’ and the adjoining wall space is 24’ by 6’ (slats begin 3’ from the floor).  Lighting is not adjustable.

Frances Anderson Display Case
700 Main Street | Located in the lobby of the Center, the display case provides a secure exhibit space for 2-D and 3-D art work. The case measures 8'9"W x 5'3" H x 2' D.  Lighting is not adjustable.  Exhibits in the Display Case are sometimes curated in partnership with the adjoining Edmonds Arts Festival Museum Gallery.

City Hall Brackett Room
121 5th Avenue North | Available for special exhibits and particularly suitable for large 2-D pieces.  The City Hall Brackett Room is scheduled for special exhibits including the Edmonds Arts Festival Museum permanent collection and the City of Edmonds Sister City – Hekinan, Japan Collection.

Young Artists Display Case
700 Main Street | Secure space suitable for small 2-D and 3-D art work exhibited on wall and small pedestals.  The Young Artists Display Case at the Frances Anderson Center is dedicated to exhibits of artwork by local high school students.

To apply to exhibit with the Edmonds Arts Commission please send your resume, letter of interest and up to 10 digital images for consideration to eacinfo@edmondswa.gov or call 425-771-0228.  For more information see the Exhibit Space Brochure.


650 Main Street  |  Mon-Thur 9-8, Fri 9-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 1-5

Dec 15-Jan 30: Judith Perry, landscape paintings

Feb 4-Mar 14: Iole Alessandrini, prints

Mar 16-April 28: Kim Brayman, paintings

May 4-June 12: Bruce Johnson, photography

June 16-July 29: Janci Mannington, portraits

Aug 3-Sept 14: Bird Fest Group Show, photographs

Sept 16-Oct 29: Barbara Benedetti Newton, pastels

Nov 2-Dec 13:  Susanne Werner, paintings

Dec 17-Jan 30:  TBA


700 Main Street | Mon-Fri 8:30-8:30, Sat 9-2, closed Sundays

Young Artists Display Case - Quarterly exhibits by student artists from local high schools
Arts Commission Display Case *indicates Joint Exhibit with EAFF Gallery

January* - EAFF Collection, paintings & sculpture

Feb-Mar 14* - Darlene McLellan and Janet Still, paintings & sculpture

Mar 17-Apr 26* - Leon White

May 2-June 7* - Sculptors Workshop Annual Showcase, ceramics

June 15-July 27* - EAFF Scholarship Student

Aug 1-Sept 14* - Group Show - Bird Fest, Photography

Sept 18-Oct* - TBA Write on the Sound

Nov 2-Dec 14* - Yael Sahavy-Mittelman, mixed media

Dec 19-Jan 26* - Selections from the Edmonds Arts Festival Museum Collection


121 5th Ave N, 3rd Floor | Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30 open to public if room unoccupied

Jan-Dec: Rotating selections from the Edmonds Arts Festival