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(May 31st, MLT Community Senior Center)
Many Edmonds residents are familiar with Lake Ballinger in a variety of recreational ways, from paddle boarding, to kayaking, fishing and even swimming. What many are not familiar with though is the recent infestation of invasive aquatic weeds that have begun to hinder these recreational activities. Beach users and lake residents alike have long complained it is unpleasant when you swim, while anglers often snag those weedy green carpets that float near the dock instead of the big one!

In late May, over thirty Mountlake Terrace and Edmonds residents, along with City staff and local media, met to share the Department of Ecology’s approved plan for using herbicides to control these weeds. 

Lake Ballinger is a shared lake between Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace and encircled by private residences, MLT-owned park space and the Nile Golf and Country Club. With the unique shared conditions of the lake, this public meeting, held at the Mountlake Terrace Community Senior Center, discussed and reinforced the benefits this treatment will have on the long-term health of the lake. During this presentation, attendees learned the specifics of the treatment process and why the Eurasian Milfoil, Curly Leaf Pondweed and non-native water lilies are hindering the water quality. A primary message that was conveyed to the attendees was that using an approved herbicide on the lake to treat this invasive plant life is beneficial in order to help decrease algae blooms and increase oxygen levels. The goal in this project is to help Lake Ballinger return a diversity of native plant life as well as native aquatic species for environmental and recreational enjoyment. To learn more about this meeting and the invasive aquatic vegetation control project, a great article summarizing that night was written by My Edmonds News who covered the event. The article can be found at:


For additional questions, concerns or comments, please contact the City of Edmonds Stormwater Technician, Patrick Johnson at 425-771-0220 or pat.johnson@edmondswa.gov

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Laura Reed, City of Mountlake Terrace Stormwater Program Manager leads the presentation and answers questions from attendees. (Photo by Patrick Johnson)

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