Update on Edmonds
2014 btwd riders on temp laneIn 2016, the Cities of Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, and Edmond secured funding through the Verdant Health Commission (total amount of $1.9 Million) in an effort to improve bicycle conditions along various stretches, create new bike connections, and increase ridership in South Snohomish County. In 2018 as part of this project, bike lanes were then added on both sides of 212th St. SW from 84th Ave. W to 72nd Ave. W and along 76th Ave. W from 220th St. SW to Olympic View Dr. The other two cities completed similar additions. A portion of the funding was also allocated towards an Education Program (currently being led by Cascade Bicycle Club). Beginner friendly bike rides are currently being held in South Snohomish County and are led by Cascades trained education staff. Their staff focus on basic bike handling skills, navigating routes, and group etiquette furnished during these fun rides. Participants must have basic handling skills, wear a helmet, using a bike without training wheels and no younger than 6 years old. Grab those handlebars and join Cascade Bicycle Club for FREE family-friendly bike rides! Participants can expect a leisurely pace, flat terrain, relatively short, on protected bike paths or low-traffic streets, regular stops and guided support. Participants must have basic bike handling skills; wear a helmet; use a bike without training wheels (balance bikes are okay); and be no younger than 6 years old.

The weekly rides in Edmonds are scheduled from July through September, 2019
  • Edmonds Bike Rides Start from City Park  (600 3rd Ave. S)
  • July / August: every Thursday from 5pm to 7pm.
  • Saturday, September 14th: 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Please go to the following link to register for one of these cool educational up-coming rides: https://www.cascade.org/bike2health.

All (3) cities continue to conduct their bike counts via cameras and tube counters to determine how the new routes and bicycle ride-along programs (in partnership with Cascade Bicycle Club), affect South Snohomish County bicycle ridership. These on-going quarterly counts started in 2017, with the last one scheduled for November 2019. The next round of bicycle counts is scheduled for July 16-18 at the following locations: Loca

  • 76th Ave. W @ Olympic View Dr.
  • 9th Avenue S & Walnut Street – Edmonds
  • 76th Avenue W & 212th Street SW - Edmonds
  • 52nd Avenue W & 212th Street SW – Lynnwood
  • 200th Street SW & 48th Avenue W – Lynnwood
  • 68th Avenue W & 200th Street SW – Lynnwood
  • 56th Avenue W & 230th Street SW - Mountlake Terrace
  • 80th Avenue W & 224th Street SW - Edmonds

Please contact Mr. Bertrand Hauss (City of Edmonds Transportation Engineer) at 425-771-0220 / bertrand.hauss@edmondswa.gov if you have any additional questions.

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