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On July 23rd ten students and two chaperones from the Edmonds area will board a plane bound for Japan to participate in an exchange program that has been going on for more than 30 years between the cities of Hekinan, Japan and Edmonds, Washington. During their time in Hekinan the students and chaperones will homestay with a Japanese host family, participate in Zasen, a traditional seated meditation practice, visit the Toyota Exhibition Hall, travel to the historic city of Kyoto, meet the Mayor, and visit a soy bean factory. During their stay the students and chaperones will put together a party, complete with meal and entertainment, to thank their host families, dignitaries, and the Hekinan Sister City Association and volunteers for their hospitality.

Then, on August 9th, ten students and two chaperones from Hekinan will board a plane bound for Washington for a reciprocal visit. While here the delegation will homestay with an American host family, visit the State Capital, Snoqualmie Falls, and the Mayor's Office, as well as tour Edmonds Community College, spend a day in Seattle, and participate in various activities in Edmonds. The Hekinan students and chaperones will also put together a party with a traditional Japanese meal and entertainment.

Through the relationship of these two sister cities, hundreds of adults and students from Edmonds and Hekinan have travelled around the world to experience, first hand, the joys and benefits of cultural exchange.

You can learn more about the Sister City Commission by visiting the Sister City Facebook page, their city webpage, or by contacting
 the Mayor's Office at 425.771.0247 or email.

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Hekinan Group 2019

Pictured from left to right ~ back row: Abigail McCallum, Ashley Rucker, Lewis Gardner, Noah Berhan, Kaden Pothisuntorn, Chaperone Kathryn Renz | left to right front row: Chaperone Catherine Mathias, Annabeth Woodard, Julie Lee, Ava Rudensey, Allysandra Osborne, Yumin Kim

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