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As part of our ongoing effort to maintain city infrastructure while simultaneously advancing our climate and sustainability goals, the Public Works and Utilities Department is pleased to announce the completion of another valuable project at the Edmonds wastewater treatment plant. The recent installation of an energy-saving screw press and conveyor system will dramatically improve plant operations, while generating significant savings from energy use and maintenance cost reductions. Not only does this state-of-the-art system replace a failing belt-press after 30 years of service, but it will also save more than $130,000 per year in operating costs for decades to come. We are also pleased to announce that Snohomish PUD has recently approved this project to receive an efficiency rebate in the amount of $103,860.

  dewatering system                     
High efficiency screw-press dewatering system and screw conveyor allows for improved processing, enhanced working conditions for staff, and 24 hour operation.

Over the course of the last 5 years, the city has worked with a specialized energy services company to complete seven major projects at the wastewater plant, and across a variety of city facilities. Projects have ranged from upgrade of HVAC, lighting and controls in buildings, to retrofitting industrial process equipment and air diffuser systems at the wastewater plant. These improvements are helping the city save energy and associated utility costs, in addition to reducing maintenance and operation costs.

In order to reduce risk for the city, these projects have been completed using Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) through the state energy program. ESPC projects are delivered with guaranteed not-to-exceed pricing, guaranteed performance of the new systems, and guaranteed energy savings which are measured and verified. An additional benefit of the ESPC project approach is the availability of third party incentive funding for the most efficient projects. The State of Washington and Snohomish PUD have taken notice of our continuing efforts by providing over $1,024,000 in combined grants and incentives to support ongoing efforts to improve our city and conserve resources including electricity, natural gas and fuel oil.

Collectively, these ESPC projects have reduced the city’s annual operating costs by over $300,000 per year (at current energy prices) and improved our infrastructure. Although our growing population increases the flows and demands on our wastewater system, this graph shows these projects have had a significant impact on our efficiency, resulting in a declining trend in energy use at the plant.

wwtp utility consumption
These seven energy-saving projects were selected based on impact and need, and are part of a planned approach for making the city more resilient and efficient. In addition to the cost efficiencies these projects deliver, they also help the staff and citizens of Edmonds live up to our commitments to achieve our climate and sustainability goals. To date, we have reduced our carbon footprint by over 4 million pounds of CO2 per year. We have additional projects under consideration that will provide additional savings and modernization, so please stay tuned.

co24 Million Pounds Annually

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