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Welcome to Fall 

As we say farewell to the long hot summer (I will remember it as the long dry summer) I am still watering outside plants which the rain usually begins taking over for me by mid-September! But with cooler weather, and hopefully some rain on the way, the community is moving into back to school and more inside activities.

While the weather changes, there is still plenty to do. The Anderson Center is in full swing, the Edmonds Center for the Arts begins their 11th season, and the community performing arts groups are gearing-up for the season.

One newer event going on right now, which is quickly becoming a favorite, is the Edmonds Museum's Annual Scarecrow Contest. If you'd like to participate there's still time as registration is open until Sunday, October 15th.

Another, long-standing, beloved event which is quickly approaching is the downtown Halloween night. If you've never been you need to attend. Thousands of kids and families gather to "Trick or Treat" at local merchants and it’s a truly fun and festive evening!

On a different note, I will hold a Town Hall on Wednesday, November 15th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the Plaza Room on the top floor of the Library. My Directors and I will give brief presentations on what is going on within the city departments. The Town Hall format is a great way for us to communicate with the community and the staff and I look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you and hear your questions and concerns. We hope many of you will join us.

Happy Fall!

Mayor Dave Earling

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