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The “On the Fence” project is one of many projects organized by the City-funded Arts Commission. The Arts Commission is an advisory group of appointed individuals with professional experience in or passion for the arts.

In their capacity, they support and make decisions about public art projects. In late June, an 18-year old bi-racial artist approached the Commission with this art installation on this fence. The Commission approved it, finding it timely and relevant.

The Police Chief has communicated that he respects the Arts Commission process. We have heard that officers have actually removed items that have defaced the art project. Additionally, you will see on the Edmonds Police social media pages, Edmonds residents have expressed support for Edmonds officers in the form of sidewalk chalk, cards, letters and baked goods demonstrating that two opinions can co-exist peacefully.

Here is a statement from Acting Police Chief Jim Lawless:

Now, more than ever, is a time to listen and to have open conversations.  Though I have not yet met her personally, in reading her submission to the Arts Commission, I believe Ms. Jamison to be a very intelligent, articulate and brave young woman who is sharing her perspective and feelings. Her message is a powerful and important reminder to us that no matter how much support we continue to receive from the community, the earning and maintaining of support is an on-going process and there is always room for improvement.

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