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City Council Pages

Newsflash articles for pending/active City Council closed record review.

Public Records, City Council Agenda, Additional Services

The City Clerk’s Office issues and tracks all business licenses.

The City Clerk’s Office authenticates, records, and maintains the City’s official legislative acts and is committed to continued preservation of our City’s history.

The ultimate goal and primary objectives of the Human Resources department are to hire the most qualified, highly-skilled individuals to serve the citizens of Edmonds and to provide City staff with training, benefits and information that allow them to do their jobs in the best possible way.

Employment applications must be submitted for all job openings.  Resumes are accepted if they are attached to an application for a stated job posting.  Applications are ONLY accepted for current openings. To obtain an employment application packet for the jobs posted above, you may:

* E-mail your request (please remember to state the job title and job number).
* Request by phone (425) 775-2525
* Download Adobe PDF form
(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this document.  Please note that you will need to print out the  application form in order to complete it as it cannot be completed in an online format using Adobe Acrobat Reader)

In an effort to efficently deliver services and effectively comply with Washington State accounting mandates the City of Edmonds Organizes it reources and people in to departments and divisions closely aligned with funding sources.  A good way to gain understanding of the City's operating structure is to review its budget.
articlesThe Administration Division provides departmental leadership in the areas of budgeting, financial reporting, risk management, information systems, and the fiber optics project   and is responsible for helping to insure the City’s compliance with local, State, and Federal financial management standards.

photo-7Community Services supports the Mayor, City Council, Directors and staff to·help form and develop long-term policies and strategies; it plans, organizes, coordinates, and implements major/special projects

Category for accordion articles
Category for Highway 99 planning - Accordion files
Accordion files for SMP details
Category for closed record review information articles.
Category for articles on code updates - for code updates accordion

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Place for strategic plan articles (accordion files).
walking-tourProvides Edmonds citizens with a balanced system of open land, parks, recreation, cultural arts and support facilities to ensure quality of life.
epd_cruiserService in partnership with the community - a commitment to excellence:  attuned to citizen needs, innovative use of technology, and maintain public confidence, support, and respect through professionalism.
Crime Statistics for City of Edmonds, WA
Edmonds Police Department - Animal Control Frequently Asked Questions

PW-RoadWorkPublic Works is responsible for infrastructure services involving streets, storm drains, potable and waste water to over 40,000 residents and businesses.  These services are generally provided by the Engineering and Operations divisions.

News from Public Works
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Agendas, Minutes, Documents and articles from the City's Boards, Commissions and Committees.   If you do not find what you are looking for at the top level, you may need to open up the sub categories.
Edmonds Public Art

Municipal Code

For Services, Departments, Divisions, and everything Edmonds this section contains the categories which will hold the individual items (articles) with contact information.  This structure allows for easy updates and editing by staff.

City Clerk's Location

- Category : Council Chambers

- Category : Mayor's Office

Special Projects


Climate Solutions New Energy Cities Program

Edmonds' Energy Roadmap

Edmonds Initiatives...

Electric Vehicle Infratstructure (and local charing stations)

Energy-Saving Ideas

Energy Meter Program

Community Solar

Water Conservation

Water Quality

Stormwater & Low Impact Development


Storm Drain Stenciling

Comprehensive Plan - Sustainability Element

City Council Policy & Resolutions

Sustainability Indicators

Sustainability Initiatives

Category for Sustainable Cities Partnership files
Climate Action Plan accordion articles

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Below are all articles for the Discovery Programs section of the web site.

Articles containing links to events and organizations that produce events
Arts and culture links to community organizations and events.