Climate Protection Committee


Mayor Dave Earling has signed onto the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda; Edmonds is on the map! In taking that action, Mayor Earling stated that "In light of the [President's] decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord, I feel it important for our city to emphasize our local commitment to, and continued effort to improve our environment." [June 6, 2017]

Former Mayor Gary Haakenson formed the Citizens Committee on U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement in the summer of 2006. The catalyst for implementing this committee was Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels’ U.S. Climate Protection Agreement, which Mayor Haakenson signed onto in April 2005. (You can find out more about the agreement and Mayor Nickels’ work on climate protection at  

The Mayor’s column in the Edmonds edition of The Enterprise on July 14, 2006 asked for interested community members to contact him if they wanted to serve on the committee. Several people responded, and the citizens committee was formed.

In addition to the community members, City staff serving on the committee are: Mayor Dave Earling, Development Services Director, Shane Hope, Planning Manager Rob Chave, Recycling Coordinator Steve Fisher, and Environmental Education & Sustainability Coordinator Jennifer Leach.


1. Encourage citizens to be a part of the solution
2. Encourage City staff and citizens to conserve current resources
3. Work with the City Council to implement ideas
4. Effectively address the future impacts of climate change



Climate Committee

The Mayors' Climate Protection Committee meets the first Thursday of the month from 8:45 - 10 am in the Fourtner Room ~ 3rd Floor of Edmonds City Hall, 121 5th Avenue North.(Meetings subject to change... please contact Carolyn LaFave for meeting schedule.)

Mayor’s office contacts

Mayor Dave Earling

Carolyn LaFave, Executive Assistant to the Mayor

Phone: 425.771.0247
Fax: 425.771.0252

Committee members


  • Lisa Conley
  • Nives Dolšak
  • Nancy Fleck
  • Lisa Herb
  • Dawna Lahti
  • Hank Landau
  • Jenna Nand
  • Larry Pierce
  • Cynthia Pruitt
  • David Schaefer
  • Zen Wolfang
  • Diane Buckshnis ~ Council Rep

City Staff:

  • Rob Chave
  • Steve Fisher
  • Shane Hope
  • Jennifer Leach