Citizen Liaison Program
Police investigations are documented with a computer generated incident report assigned a unique number according to the calendar year the incident is filed. A digital version of the incident report is submitted for processing and may include victim and witness statements, officers' reports, arrest records, as well as documented pieces of evidence. Every year the officers of the Edmonds Police Department generate approximately 5,000 new case files. Each one of these files is tracked and managed by our record clerks, retained according to particular investigative requirements and then archived as required by state law.

Public Disclosure

Included in the records unit is one staff assistant assigned to Public Records Disclosure.

The City of Edmonds uses an online program to process public disclosure requests (GovQA).  This allows us to complete requests in the most effecient manner possible.  We encourage anyone making a request to use that method when submitting requests for records to the city.

If you are not able to do so, you may still complete our specific public disclosure request form in person at the police department.  

All public disclosure requests must be in written format.  This is done to ensure we get an accuarte request of what documents you are looking to obtain.

To make a public disclosure request using our web portal:  Click Here

The supervisor of the Records Unit is Sergeant Shane Hawley.  Sergeant Hawley can be reached at 425-771-0284 or at

Citizen Liaison Contact

How to Contact the Citizen Liaison

Phone: 425-775-7741
Fax: 425-771-0252

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121 5th Avenue North
Edmonds, WA 98020
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