Cemetery Board

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The Cemetery Board manages the operation of the city’s cemetery, including the sale and location of burial lots; maintenance of the grounds, monuments, and markers; and capital improvements. The board also manages monetary gifts and donations on behalf of the cemetery.

Board members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council. Terms are for four years with no term limits.

The Cemetery Board is seeking to fill three vacancies for Cemetery Board Members. Applications can be found on the Boards and Commissions Openings page. Media Release.

Cemetery Board

Meeting Schedule
The Cemetery Board meets on the third Thursday of each month (except in December) at 4 pm at the Frances Anderson Center, 700 Main St. Meetings are subject to change.
 Board Members
Jerry Janacek (Chair)
Melissa Johnson (Secretary)
Kerry Radley
Joan Longstaff
 Tracy Little
Ashley Robinson

Vacant (1 position)

City Staff
 Angie Feser
Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services Director
Rich Lindsay email
Parks Manager

Cliff Edwards email
Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services Department 425.771.0230