City Overlay Program

The City of Edmonds is coordinating with Snohomish County to apply new pavement surfaces to approximately 7 lane-miles of streets throughout Edmonds during the Summer of 2017.  Visit this page often to stay up to date with the latest news!

2017 Overlay Culled


2017 Pavement Overlays are Complete!


On July 20th, Lakeside Industries completed the last of this year's City of Edmonds Pavement Resurfacing projects.  The contractor paved approximately 6 lane-miles of City streets this year.  You may have noticed some of the fine work they did on SR 524 (9th Ave N/Puget Drive) close to the Olympic View Drive intersection or on Railroad Ave between Main St and Dayton St.  They also paved a number of residential streets and even solved a few drainage problems!

Schedule Update - July 7, 2017

Grinding and paving in Edmonds is in full swing!

Residents on Sierra Dr, 81st Pl W and 87th Ave are all driving on brand new pavement today.  Many other streets are right behind them.  The following schedule has been submitted by the contractor:

Friday, July 7th
                GRIND – Hindley & Brookmere
                PAVE – Northstream, Euclid, 10th

Monday, July 10th
                GRIND – 75th Pl, 76th Ave, Talbot Rd
                PAVE – Hindley & Brookmere

Tuesday, July 11th
                GRIND - 173rd, 77th, Bowdoin
                PAVE – 75th Pl, 76th Ave, Talbot Rd

Wednesday, July 12th
                GRIND – Railroad
                PAVE – 173rd, 77th, Bowdoin

Thursday, July 13th
                GRIND – TBD
                PAVE – Railroad

The schedule tends to fluctuate with weather conditions, traffic concerns, and a myriad of other issues so please be sure to check back in often!


In order to develop a long-term street maintenance plan and budget, the City of Edmonds has engaged with Infrastructure Management Services LLC (IMS) to complete a detailed inventory and condition rating of all roadways and select right of way assets owned by the City.  The data is collected and loaded into an asset management program specifically designed to assist the City with development of a long-term rehabilitation plan and budget.

Beginning July 2nd, IMS will inventory and collect pavement performance data using a device known as a Laser Road Surface Tester or RST.  This device measures pavement roughness, rutting, cracking and other surface distresses as it travels down the roadway.  It will also collect digital video and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) information for cataloging right of way assets (such as traffic signs).  The RST is a 2014 one-ton Ford van with up to 5 inside mounted cameras and GPS receivers, and a modified front bumper.  The RST travels at posted speed limits and will survey each roadway at least once.

Schedule Update - June 9, 2017

Snohomish County Set to Kick off 2017 Overlay Program!

Snohomish County has awarded the contract for the 2017 Overlay Program to Lakeside Industries.

Part of this contract involves overlaying approximately 7 lane-miles of streets within the City of Edmonds.  The work here in Edmonds is currently expected to begin on July 5th and should run through July 20th.

All roadway construction operations are weather-dependent but this is especially true of paving so be sure to check back often for updates!

City Overlay Contact

Ryan Hague
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Rob English, PE
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Jaime Hawkins
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Rob English, PE
City Engineer
425-771-0220 x1327

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