City Overlay Program

The City of Edmonds is proud to announce that it is teaming up with Snohomish County for a 5th consecutive summer paving program! 

This years program will pave approximately 9 lane-miles of streets within the City of Edmonds using a combination of utility and roadway funds.  Some of the busier streets will be treated with a geotextile paving fabric.  This fabric is intentended to extend the life of the roadway by preventing cracking and has been successfully used in Edmonds.

Be sure to check back for updates or keep an eye on the City of Edmonds - Community and Government Facebook page!

MOTORIST ALERT: Expect delays for lane shifts and traffic control operations during work hours (7AM-5PM).  For the safety of construction workers, the traveling public, and pedestrians, please use caution when driving through construction zones.

2018 Overlays Map Updated



244th St SW and Adjacent Streets Paving Update

10/17 Update - Construction Begins TOMORROW!

The contractor expects to move into Edmonds early Thursday morning and begin work to grind the top layer of pavement off of 244th St SW.  His tentative schedule is as follows:

10/18 - Begin grinding 244th St SW

10/19 - Complete grinding on 244th St SW and grind side streets

10/22 - Pave 244th St SW

10/23 - Pave side streets


Please note that paving is VERY weather dependent.  The weather is looking like it will cooperate but this could change at a moment's notice so please keep checking!

Pavement Grinding and Paving Begins!

After successful installation of 14 ADA compliant curb ramps, the City's paving contractor has moved into south Edmonds!

June 21st - Pavement Grinding Begins

June 25th - Paving Operations Begin

The contractor will begin work on 232nd St SW and 97th Ave W.  Grinding on those streets will occur Thursday and Friday, June 21st an 22nd.

Paving schedules can change fast! Be sure to keep checkign for updates to stay on top of all the latest schedule information!

City Overlay Contact

Ryan Hague
Captial Projects Manager
425-771-0220 x1347

Rob English, PE
City Engineer
425-771-0220 x1327

City Capital Project Contact

Jaime Hawkins
Captial Projects Manager
425-771-0220 x1714 (office)
425-754-4106 (cell)

Rob English, PE
City Engineer
425-771-0220 x1327

Dayton Street Project Contact

Michele (Mike) De Lilla, PE, LEED AP
Design Phase
Senior Utilities Engineer
425-771-0220 x1320 (office)

Rob English, PE
City Engineer
425-771-0220 x1327

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