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The City of Edmonds is proud to announce that it will be paving area streets for a 7th consecutive summer!

The 2020 program will pave approximately 4 lane-miles of streets within the City of Edmonds using a combination of utility and roadway funds.  Many of this year's streets wlll be treated with kevlar fiber reinforcing. This treatment is intentended to extend the life of the roadway by preventing cracking.

Be sure to check back for updates or keep an eye on the City of Edmonds - Community and Government Facebook page!

MOTORIST ALERT: Expect delays for lane shifts and traffic control operations during work hours (7AM-5PM).  For the safety of construction workers, the traveling public, and pedestrians, please use caution when driving through construction zones.





Paving Schedule




Some streets had to be deleted this year for budgetary and other reasons.  The streets no longer being paved are:

  • 77th Pl - Off of 199th
  • 78th Pl - Off of 199th
  • 80th Pl - Off of 199th

A portion of 80th Ave W will not be paved.  We have chosen not to pave this section at this time because a new sewer line will be installed in the next few years. When the sewer work is complete we will complete the paving at this location.



  • 8/12/19 - Grind begins on 80th Ave W
  • 8/6/19 - Crews will be removing curb and sidewalk on 80th Ave W between 192nd and Sierra Park


8/1/19 - Paving

  • 198th St SW - 80th Ave to East
  • 191st Pl - 88th to East
  • 194th St SW - 88th to West
  • 82nd Pl - 196th to South
  • 196th Pl - 80th to East
  • 194th Pl - East of 80th
  • 194th Pl - West of 80th


7/31/19 - Paving continues:

  • 194th Pl W - West side of 80th Ave
  • 194th Pl W - East side of 80th Ave
  • 191st St SW - West side of 84th Ave


7/29/19 & 7/30/19 - No Work


7/26/19 - Paving continues:

  • 186th St - 84th to 80th
  • 190th St - 83rd to 80th
  • 192nd St and Associated Cul-de-Sacs - 80th to East End


7/25/19 - Paving Crew is back and will be working on:

  • Andover
  • 182nd Pl - Andover to cul-de-sac
  • 182nd Pl - 80th to culu-de-sac
  • 186th St SW - 80th to 78th Pl
  • 79th and 78th Pl - 186th to 185th


7/24/19 - No Work Scheduled


7/23/19 - Paving crew is back!

  • 84th Pl W
  • 84th Av W
  • Andover
  • 182nd Pl SW


7/22/19 - No Work Scheduled


7/19/19 - First day of paving!  Contractor expects to pave the following streets:

  • 79th Pl W & 185th Pl SW
  • 186th St SW - 80th to 78th
  • 79th Pl W - 187th to 186th
  • 78th Pl W - 187th to 186th


7/17/19 - Contractor is moving much faster than anticipated.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience if your road was ground before you expected it to be. 

Next streets to be ground will be off of 84th and 88th:

  • 90th Pl W - 188th to South
  • 86th P W - 188th to South
  • 191st Pl W - 88th to East
  • 194th St SW & 89th Pl - 88th to West
  • 191st St SW - 84th to West



7/15/2019 - Contractor expects to begin grinding operations.   Paving will follow the gind.

First streets to be ground will be in the northern part of the program including:

  • 84th Pl W - 184th St SW to the north
  • 84th Ave W - 184th St SW to the north
  • Andover St and adjoining cul-de-sacs
  • 182nd St SW - 80th Ave to the east
  • 79th Pl W & 185th Pl SW
  • 186th St SW
  • 79th Pl W - 187th to 186th
  • 78th Pl W - 187th to 186th


3/28/2019 - Bids were opened and Lakeside Industries submitted the apparent low bid of $1.3M

Ramps Schedule

3/28/2019 - Bids were opened and Lakeside Industries submitted the apparent low bid of $1.3M

5/6/19 - A pre-construction conference was held with the contractor and other stakeholders

5/13/19 - Work is expected to begin on curb ramp installation in the following areas:

  • 80th Ave W & 194th Pl (Both 194th Places)
  • 80th Ave W & 192nd Pl
  • 80th Ave W & 192nd St
  • 80th Ave W & 190th St 
  • 80th Ave W & 188th St

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