City Overlay Program

The City of Edmonds is coordinating with Snohomish County to apply new pavement surfaces to approximately 10 lane-miles of streets throughout Edmonds during the Summer of 2016.  Visit this page often to stay up to date iwth the latest news!

2016 Overlay


Schedule Update - August 10, 2016

Railroad Ave is the last street in this year’s program that’s in need of paving.

Since our last update, the contractor has been fast and furious in completing the paving work here in Edmonds. All of the streets in this year’s Pavement Preservation Program have now been overlaid except for Railroad Ave.

The work on Railroad Ave is on a temporary hold pending the installation of some utility improvements in the area. These improvements are expected to be installed during the week of August 22nd. After the successful installation of these facilities, we will give the contractor the “green light” to pave and they will work it into their schedule.

We should have an update sometime during the week of August 22nd confirming that the utility installation is complete and projecting a potential time frame to complete the paving.

Schedule Update - July 21, 2016

Since our last update, the contractor has made some substantial progress and is looking to wrap up over the next couple of weeks.

This week, the contractor completed grinding operations on 96th St, 224th St and 72nd Ave. They expect to pave these streets next week.

100th Ave and 104th Ave should see grinding operations begin today, Friday, July 22nd. 100th will be paved later that week but 104th will have to hold off for some utility work to complete.

The contractor currently expects to begin grinding on Walnut St and 9th Ave N Monday, July 25th and pave these areas Wednesday, July 27th. This work will be very disruptive to Edmonds motorists so motorists should be aware of this work and avoid driving in these areas.

Railroad Ave has been put off until later this summer as we are waiting for some utility work to wrap up before paving that road.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated so please check back often!

Schedule Update - July 12, 2016

Sketchy unpredictable weather has caused some delays in the project but the contractor is continuing to pave during the windows that he’s able to get. Paving operations have already been completed on the following streets:

-        Meadowdale Beach Road/174th St SW

-        185th Pl SW/186th St SW

-        191st St SW

As the week of July 11th continues, the contractor thinks they will be able to pave the following streets:

-        Talbot Road – Wednesday, July 13th and Thursday, July 14th

-        Driftwood Loop (Driftwood Ln, 8th Ave, Puget Dr) – Friday, July 15th

During the week of July 18th, the contractor expects to grind and pave Soundview.

Updates will continue to be posted as we receive them!

Schedule Update - June 23, 2016

Schedule updates have come in from the contractor working on the 2016 Overlays in Edmonds.

  • Removal of existing ramps is now scheduled to begin the week of June 27th. The contractor expects to remove these ramps on Tuesday, June 28th and should have them poured back by the end of the week
  • Paving operations are scheduled to begin in Edmonds the week of June 27.  This is one week earlier than previously anticipated.  The contractor will be working on the following stretches first:
    - Meadowdale Beach Road/174th St SW
    - 185th Pl SW/186th St SW
    - 191st St SW
    These stretches are expected to be ground and paved durign the weeks of June 27th and July 5th.  The contractor is expecting to begin work on Talbot Road the week of July 11th.

Keep checking back for the latest updates!

Schedule Update - June 8, 2016

On June 8th, staff from multiple area municipalities – including the City of Edmonds – met with Snohomish County and the Overlays contractor for a pre-construction conference.  During the meeting, the contractor provided a schedule for the 2016 Overlay Program.

The schedule currently shows the contractor moving into Edmonds the week of June 20th to construct curb ramps at various locations in advance of the overlays.

The contractor plans to begin grinding and paving operations in Edmonds on July 5th and work in Edmonds is expected to continue until July 22nd.

All roadway construction operations are weather-dependent, but this is especially true of paving so be sure to check back often for updates.

Snohomish County Set to Kick Off 2016 Overlay Program

Snohomish County has awarded the contract for the 2016 Overlay Program to Lakeside Industries. 

Part of this contract involves overlaying approximately 10 lane-miles of streets within the City of Edmonds. Paving work County-wide is expected to occur June through October but It is currently anticipated that the streets within Edmonds City Limits will be among the first to be paved. City staff will learn more during a pre-construction conference the week of June 6th. Grinding could begin as early as the week of June 13th so be sure to check back for updates!

City of Edmonds Wins Grant!

In May, 2016, City of Edmonds staff learned they had won a grant to overlay 84th Ave W from 220th St SW to 5 Corners. The project will consist of a full width grind and pavement overlay along with upgrades to the existing pedestrian crossing at 215th St SW. This work is expected to occur during the summer of 2017.

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