Winter 2015
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The Edmonds Sister City Commission has been hard at work over the past couple of months preparing for 2015. This year the Commission will recruit and put forward an Assistant English Teacher (AET) candidate to the Hekinan Board of Education and once again host a student exchange program during July & August with Hekinan, Japan.

The current Commission is made up of eight Commissioners and one student representative – all very dedicated and hardworking individuals. The Sister City Commission is unique as a City of Edmonds Board & Commission because of the programs that is runs. Every year the Commission hosts a student exchange with Hekinan, Japan where Edmonds students travel to Hekinan for a two week stay with a host family and then Hekinan students travel to Edmonds for a reciprocal two week stay. On anniversary years such as the 15th, 20th 25th, etc., the Commission also hosts an adult delegation exchange where City Officials and interested community members from Edmonds travel to Hekinan and vice versa. And, as mentioned above, every two-three years the Commission recruits, interviews and selects an Assistant English Teacher (AET) candidate to put forward to the Hekinan Board of Education for employment by the Board for a 2-3 year term.

While the Hekinan Board of Education pays for the AET’s travel, housing and salary, all student and adult exchange program delegates are responsible for their own travel expenses. For students this usually amounts to their airfare, a few meals and souvenirs; for the adults their expenses can also include housing if they opt to stay in a hotel rather than with a host family.

Whether a student or an adult, American or Japanese, all are provided the unique opportunity of experiencing a different cultural first-hand, which is the core mission of the Commission. This mission requires many hours of fundraising, promoting and planning – which brings us back to our Commissioners and all their hard work… without it, this Commission and its wonderful programs would not be possible!

cherry-blossom-branch-abstract-background-24686399So here’s a big “Thank You” or “Arigatou Gozaimasu” to the Edmonds Sister City Commissioners who make all of the above possible!

Edmonds Sister City Commissioners

Pamela Erickson, Chair — Position #3
Marlene Friend, Secretary — Position #4
Rita Ikeda, Vice Chair — Position #6
Iyoko Okano — Position #7
Michele Fellows — Position #8
Karyn Heinekin — Position #10
Paul Anderson — Position #12
Michelle Rockstead — Student Representative
And a warm welcome to our newest Commissioner — Noriko Tseng who will serve in Position #5 and attend her first meeting of the Commission at the end January!

If you would like more information about how you can be involved with the Edmonds Sister City Commission pelase visit our webpage or checkout our Facebook page.

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