Winter 2014

CPCThis committee (the “Climate Committee”) was assembled in 2006 by Mayor Haakenson, in support of a national U.S. Conference of Mayors’ initiative to address the problem of climate change. The Committee’s first order of business was to develop a local Climate Action Plan, which was researched and finalized in 2010 to outline actions that could be taken to address various components that affect greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, including transportation, lifestyle, buildings, environment, and economy. Action items were drawn up along with baseline data and implementation measures to guide progress towards climate protection in Edmonds. Information on the Committee and the Climate Action Plan can be accessed on the City’s website:

Accomplishments by the Edmonds community, including city government, businesses, non-profits, and many Edmonds citizens and organizations who strive to live sustainably, are far reaching. Please join us in furthering our mission by taking action. We each have a responsibility to pass on a better planet to our children. On Earth Day – which occurs on April 22nd this year – there will be further recognition and education opportunities. Thank you for making a difference!

Climate Committee Mission:

  • Encourage citizens to be a part of the solution.
  • Encourage City staff and citizens to conserve current resources.
  • Work with the City Council to implement ideas.
  • Effectively address the future impacts of climate change.

Sample of Committee & Community Accomplishments:

  • Games and Contests: Edmonds in Bloom vegetable garden award category; Plastic Bag Ban poster contest.
  • Energy Challenge: City Hall Energy Star label three years in a row; “Portfolio Manager” to track energy use for City Buildings; Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory periodic updates; Main Street project incorporates green infrastructure; City of Edmonds greens up its vehicle fleet to reduce GHG emissions.
  • Green Business Recognition: Groundwork for green business recognition program.
  • Fast-Track Permits: City fast-track permit program and code amendments for solar installations.
  • Display: City rain garden workshop recruits volunteers for demonstration project; City Hall Green Resource room, display, and training approved for 2014.
  • Tool Kit/Education: Educational sessions with PUD, PSE, Master Builders Association Built Green; Westgate Elementary becomes an Eco-School.
  • Success Stories: Edmonds won Association of Washington Cities “Going Green Award”; PUD gives City an energy lighting rebate of $45,000; 2013 Greenhouse Gas savings from Electric Vehicle stations passes half metric ton mark; Interviews and postings of Sustainability Heroes underway; Francis Anderson Center Community Solar Project.
  • Web Content: City website includes information related to various topics on sustainability.
  • Community Health: Urban farming regulations; Public Markets enabled year round through code changes.

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