Winter 2014

soap drain compAs part of the City of Edmonds’ stormwater education and outreach efforts, the City initiated a pollutant source control program for businesses. The City has partnered with ECOSS, Environmental Coalition of South Seattle, to increase awareness within the business community of the impacts of stormwater pollution and hazardous material spills to our local water bodies. ECOSS, a non-profit environmental outreach organization, developed a successful spill prevention and response program to help minimize the release of pollutants from local businesses. ECOSS recently received funding from the Puget Sound Partnership to expand this program into Snohomish County at very little cost to the City. 

As you may know, stormwater is a significant source of pollution to our local water bodies. One of the areas the City is focusing on to reduce stormwater pollution is in the business sector. Many businesses, including restaurants, automobile related companies, and landscaping shops, use or generate hazardous materials as a normal part of their work. If there’s a spill, and the spill enters a nearby storm drain, there could be serious impacts to the local water body. As part of the program, ECOSS goes on-site to deliver a spill kit, train owners/employees on the proper way to respond to a spill, and discuss the implementation of best management practices (business policies and behaviors) that could minimize the occurrence of spills. Staff from ECOSS are multilingual and are able to speak Korean and other foreign languages to ensure the message is received by all business owners. ECOSS also discusses stormwater issues, including any on-site drainage concerns and where (to what water body) the businesses’ stormwater flows to.The services are free to the business, and include:

spill kit comp»  a ready-to-use spill kit

»  a spill response plan and spill
    response training

»  a drainage map for the site

»  best management practices
    tailored to on-site needs

In addition to preventing pollution from entering our local streams, these actions can help businesses avoid considerable clean-up costs, fines, and liability.

If you have any questions about spill kits or ways that you can minimize spills at your business or home, contact Patrick Johnson at 425.771.0220 or

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