Winter 2014
earling compressedWe had a challenging financial year in 2013. With very tough cut-back decisions, an improving economy, and several competitive grants we were successful in obtaining, you will see several physical changes in Edmonds coming this year which I want to make you aware of.

We have not had a major change at City Park for years. This year we will see expansive renovations begin which will expand and improve the opportunities for family fun. The highlight of the additions will be a spray pad which will provide terrific fun for kids and adults alike.   

The Dayton Street Plaza will have dramatic improvements. And, although not a park in a traditional sense, at the end of this month we will "cut the ribbon" on new light fixtures and metal art on Highway 99, placing an emphasis and highlighting the growing International District.

On the infrastructure side we have several major projects coming. Again on highway 99, a $5M project at 228th will dramatically improve east-west traffic connections as well as provide much needed safety improvements. 

The round-a-bout at 5 Corners will be constructed. Much has been said about the project; I am convinced it will improve traffic flow as well as provide better pedestrian safety.

With the 2014 budget, I was able to free-up $1.2M to once again start a street overlay program. On major streets, traditional street overlays will be utilized and on neighborhood streets, chip-seal techniques will be employed. While $1.2M may seem like a lot of money, the amount does not begin to address our long-term needs.

Finally, while all of these projects will bring improvement, they will also cause inconvenience.  Please be patient with the contractors and workers whether the improvements are taking place at a park, major thoroughfare, or a neighborhood street. At the end of day, our city will be a better place.

Carrie Hite, our Parks and Recreation Director, and Phil Williams, our Public Works Director, will provide more information on these projects on My Edmonds News and the Edmonds Beacon in the coming weeks.

I hope everyone has a successful 2014.

Dave Earling

We live in a great city, we should enjoy the privilege!

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