Winter 2014
Convenient Public Recycling Has Come to Downtown Edmonds

recycle logoAs a result of receiving a grant from the Hazel Miller Foundation, some of the downtown sidewalks now have convenient recycling bins located next to new or existing garbage containers. These are to remind downtown shoppers and visitors that they can recycle their cans and bottle while “on the go”, instead of sending these recyclable materials to the landfill by choosing the garbage can.

Look for the distinctive blue bins mainly along Main St. and Fifth Avenue. The public has been constantly using the bins since late spring and have been very successful in contributing a great amount of recyclables to the new bins. Some of the bins are also conveniently located at both Anderson and Civic Playfields, as well as outside the City Hall and Public Safety Center.

The City Recycling Coordinator wishes to remind recycling bin users to always empty unwanted contents, and remove caps from bottles before placing in the bin. Also, any paper or plastic cups need to be empty, and have lids and straws removed. Place caps, lids, straws, and other non-recyclables – such as paper napkins, plastic bags or foam products into the adjacent garbage bin. These are the best basic recycling habits to follow, whether on the go or at home.

Recently some cups that are marked “compostable” have been placed into the recycle. These type products cannot be mixed with recycling. They are plant-based material and are not compatible with the common recyclable materials at the material processing facilities.

Remember, if in doubt – throw it out – into the garbage. Questions on these bins or about recycling anything can be sent to or by calling 425-771-0235, extension 1603.

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