Summer 2017


Choose a smarter trip at least 8 days a month and you're eligible for:

Curb the Congestion is a program to reduce traffic and encourage healthy travel options on congested roadways.

Choose to make smarter trips instead of driving alone on:
  • 128th Street (between Everett and Mill Creek)
  • 164th Street SW/SE (between Lynnwood and Mill Creek)
  • 196th Street (between Edmonds and I-5)
  • Bothell-Everett Highway (between 128th Street and downtown Bothell)
  • I-405 (between I-5 and Hwy 522)
  • Hwy 522 (between Monroe and I-405)
  • Hwy 99 (between Hwy 526 and the King County line)


Discover a smarter way to travel
Whether you're commuting to work, school or running errands on the weekend, you can save money and alleviate traffic stress with these smart transportation choices:

  • Sharing the ride in a carpool or vanpool
  • Riding the bus, ferry or train
  • Bicycling or walking
  • Working from home or compressing your work schedule to eliminate a trip
Our Curb the Congestion Specialist is ready to help you plan your trips.

Get started today
  1. Register online. Participants without internet access can request a paper form.
  2. Our Curb the Congestion Specialist will contact you to provide one-on-one assistance to help you plan your trip to work, to school or to run errands.
  3. Start making smart trips instead of driving alone.
  4. Log your trips on the online calendar at least 8 days a month to qualify for rewards!