Summer 2016

With the horrific shootings of 5 police officers in Dallas, we were flooded by community support. Below are a couple examples from our twitter page. People brought in cards, cookies, the banner you see below and more donuts than were good for our waistlines…
PD 1PD 2                         

On June 1st, the PD fired up the Emergency Operations Center and we took part in the Cascadia Rising training exercise. We had quite a few people at the table.
PD 3

Along the same lines, we bought a “new” command vehicle. We can use it on major crime scenes or prolonged incidents.
PD 4 
The two new hires featured in the last newsletter are scheduled to be finished with training and on their own in the middle of August... we are still trying to fill a couple of openings.

We are pretty new to social media, but we hit 2,000 Twitter followers and about 1,500 likes on Facebook. In fact, it is amazing to see how many people you can reach with one post. Check out the number of people that saw this post about a baby seal on the beach…
PD 5 


















179,267 reached on one post!