Summer 2016

online payment buttonOnline Payments
Customers can now pay their legal financial obligations 24/7 from anywhere there is internet service on any device including your smart phone. In early July, the court’s online payment system went live. The Customer can simply go to the court’s website and select “MAKE COURT PAYMENT.” The Customer will need to enter the case number, contact information, including an email address, and choose type of card to use. The system will accept debit and credit cards (Master Card or Visa Card). Each transaction will be charged a $2 administrative fee.


mailbox usps Infractions by Mail
While everyone may request an in-court hearing to contest or mitigate an infraction, they also have the option to request a written hearing. The form to request a written hearing can be found on the court’s website. While you forgo the ability to appeal the court’s ruling when you request a written hearing, many prefer this option as a convenient way to be heard without having to make time to appear in court.

Those who are eligible to defer a finding of committed on a traffic infraction may request to resolve their matter by deferral.  Successful completion of a deferral results in the infraction being dismissed. A person can only have one deferral every seven years for a moving violation and one every seven years for a non-moving violation. There is an administrative non-refundable fee of $140. A party may request a deferral through a written request or by simply coming to the clerk’s window during court hours. By statute or court policy, not all tickets qualify for a deferred finding.


passportPreparation is Key to Passport Processing
As an added service to the community, the court continues to processes passport applications. The court’s website has a link, “Passport Procedures,” where customers can have all their questions answered so that they can come to the court clerk’s window with the proper documentation and passport photos. We encourage applicants to read this very carefully so that the clerks can process their application as efficiently as possible. Too often applicants fail to read this information carefully and come without the required documents or the separate type of payments requiredonly having to return another day. The court’s website also has a link for passports applications online.