Summer 2016

This summer, for the third consecutive year, the City of Edmonds is excited to be paving area streets as part of its Pavement Preservation Program. The budget for this year’s program is $1.8M  and it will provide new pavement on approximately 10 lane-miles of City streets. The program will also upgrade pedestrian curb ramps to meet ADA standards. Some streets that have already received new paving surface include Meadowdale Beach Road, 174th St SW and 191st St SW.

The Pavement Preservation Program is truly a collaborative effort. Capital Planning and Operations staff worked together to generate a list of streets for this year’s program. City Public Works crews have been diligently preparing for this year’s paving by trimming back foliage, widening certain streets and performing pavement repairs on the selected streets. The construction work is being completed under the Snohomish County paving contract and Edmonds streets are among the first to be paved in the County this year.   

New to this year’s program is a City website to help citizens learn which streets are being paved. Citizens can navigate to and find a map showing the streets to be paved and when work will be completed.  


Final paving for the long anticipated 238th St SW Walkway and Drainage Improvements Project was completed in April of this year. This project brought storm drainage relief and a new walkway to residents in the vicinity of 238th St between Hickman Park and 100th Ave W.

The project installed Engineered Rain Gardens to filter storm water runoff before it makes its way into the ground and a new pipe system that will carry whatever water doesn’t soak into the ground to a large infiltration system under Hickman Park.

The new sidewalk on the north side of 238th St SW provides a route for pedestrians to walk between the previously constructed sidewalks on 100th Ave and 104th Ave. Local residents attempting to access the park, cemetery or swim club now have a safe place to walk and the freshly paved road has made a smoother surface for vehicles and bicycle riders.