Summer 2016
odorAs we move into the summer season please be reminded that the decomposition of seaweed and marine life is much more noticeable at low tide and warmer temperatures. These pungent odors are frequently associated with a sewage smell due to the hydrogen sulfide and dimethyl sulfide (DMS) that is produced in the decomposition process. The odor is generally not harmful; however, some people are much more sensitive and can detect very low concentrations.

If you live in the close proximity of the beach (<1 mile) and notice a pungent Sulphur-like odor; please note whether the tide is high or low, what the temperature is outside and what the wind direction is. As a rule of thumb; if the tide is low, the temperature is >85 degrees and the wind is blowing from the beach toward you, there is a good chance the odor is associated with the beach.

We at the Wastewater Treatment Plant take pride in our ability to minimize and eliminate odors generated from sewage and the treatment process. Our monitoring program exceeds the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and Department of Ecology requirements and was established to serve the people and needs of our community. If you experience pungent sulphur-like odor, that does not appear to be related to natural decomposition of seaweed and marine life, please feel free to give us a call and our Pretreatment Technician will respond as soon as possible in order to evaluate the odor and take hydrogen sulfide readings.  Please call 425.771.0237; if no answer, leave your name and contact information, and we will respond.