Summer 2014
Jump on the Foodcycling Bandwagon!

food waste compostConvenient collection of yard waste at the curb has been a very popular service to Edmonds’ residents for well over 20 years.  Available since 2008, the acceptance of food scraps and some food-soiled papers in with yard waste has led many households to acquire the “food cycling” habit.  Reports indicate that several yard waste customers are noticing that their actual garbage amounts, on average, are shrinking from a consistent addition of household food scraps.

Food scraps, included in with the yard waste get transported to a commercial composting facility, instead of a landfill, and is used for making compost and other soil amendments that benefits your landscape and gardens.

The yard waste service is an extra cost but getting into the habit of adding food scraps can lead to less material filling your garbage and the potential to save money by dropping to a smaller garbage service level.  The smallest garbage level is called the mini-can (20 gallon size).  That still includes regular curbside recycling service (paper, cans and bottles, etc.).

In Edmonds the curbside Yard and Food waste service companies are:

Sound Disposal, 425-778-2404, serving residents living within the downtown “bowl” area;

Republic Services, (formerly Allied Waste) – serving the majority of Edmonds;

Waste Management, serving residents in a small area northwest and south of Lake Ballinger.

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