Summer 2014
The City of Edmond’s Climate Protection Committee (CPC) recently reviewed its 2013 accomplishments and set priorities for 2014. The lead article in the May 15th edition of The Edmonds Beacon, written by Editor Laura Daniali, highlighted our city’s efforts to enhance environmental sustainability, efforts supported by the CPC.

From a historical prospective, Edmonds began focusing on sustainability issues when former Mayor Gary Haakenson established the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Committee (CPC) in 2006. Mayor Haakenson’s action was part of a nationwide response in support of the United States’ Conference of Mayors’ initiative to address the problems resulting from climate change.

The CPC’s statement spotlighted the need to:
  • Encourage citizens to be a part of the solution;
  • Encourage City staff and citizens to conserve current resources;
  • Work with the City Council to implement ideas;
  •  Effectively address the future impacts of climate change.

The CPC’s first task was to develop a local Climate Change Action Plan. The plan was developed through participation from a broad range of people including community members, city council and planning commission members, city staff and community partners (e.g. the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, Snohomish Co. PUD, Community Transit and the Edmonds School District). The 2010 plan established a series of priorities to guide city action in reducing its heat-trapping gases. The plan describes strategies and action plans for the following categories:
  • Transportation and Land Use
  • Lifestyles
  • Buildings
  • Environment
  •  Economy
  • Community Outreach and Empowerment

Information on the Committee and the Climate Action Plan can be accessed on the City’s website:

Each year, the CPC examines and revises their priorities. The top priorities for 2014 include:
  • Outreach to Edmonds residents, homeowners associations, business owners, and community organizations;
  • Conducting interviews of “Sustainable heroes”
  • Building retrofits and upgrades
  • Lifestyle changes such as diverting waste from landfills, organic gardening practices, composting 

The CPC’s priorities align with the Edmonds Strategic Action Plan adopted by the Edmonds City Council on April 2013. Strategic Objective 2a, to “build a community that balances environmental protection, economic health, and social needs”, includes action items that were rated by the respondents and participants as “very high or moderately high.” These include:

  • Action 2a.1: Expand reuse and recycling programs in current city operations and in waste management outreach activities by Edmonds households and businesses.
  • Action 2a.5: Reduce Edmond’s carbon footprint through solar installations and other energy conservation practices in current city operations, updating development codes, and utilizing Sustainable Works energy audits and retrofits.
  • Action 2a.5:Encourage community gardens and pea patches, plant fruit tree orchards, harvest and deliver food products to food banks

CPC members have been active this year:

$1·         Supporting a Sustainable Edmonds sponsored presentation at the Senior Center regarding climate change and what Edmonds can do. Featured speakers included Dr. Richard Gammon, retired UW professor of Oceanography, and T.C. Richmond, Vice-chair of the National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Committee. Todd Cloutier, representing Sustainable Edmonds, gave a synopsis of our city’s actions to mitigate the effects of climate change. Tara Anderson, a representative of Sustainable Works, described her organization’s program to conduct energy audits and provide homeowners with suggested improvements such as high energy efficient furnaces, insulation and air sealing

  • City Staffer Steve Fisher, a CPC member, is working with outreach specialists from hauling companies (for instance Allied Waste) to assist customers to increase the percentage of waste that is recycled.
  • A Green Business pledge has been put together to invite Edmonds business owners to:
  • Be an environmentally responsible business within our community.
  • Conserve energy, water, materials and other resources.
  • Develop and implement practices which minimize pollution and waste.
  • Strive for continuous improvement.

Businesses that take the pledge will be recognized on the CPC’s webpage.
  • City Council allocated funds for a Green Resource room in City Hall which will include displays and information on green building practices
  • Supporting the City’s efforts to fast-track permits for energy-efficient projects.
  • Committee members have gone into the community, interviewing “Sustainability Heroes” who have made improvements to their homes and places of business to effectively reduce heat-trapping gas emissions.

The Committee is comprised of citizen volunteers and city staffers.  We work with Edmonds city council members on projects and Council member Kristiana Johnson is a liaison to our committee.

Our current Mayor, Dave Earling, continues to emphasize the importance of meeting the city’s target for reducing heat-trapping gases. He supports the work of the Mayor’s Climate Protection Committee and recognizes the need to increase public outreach and raise awareness of this work.

We encourage citizens to attend our meetings. We meet on the first Thursday of every other month from 8:45 AM to 10 am in the Fourtner Room on the 3rd Floor of Edmonds City Hall. Our next meeting will take place on July 3rd.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Carolyn LaFave (

Membership on the committee is open to the general public. The Mayor seeks applications from the Edmonds community at regular intervals. The committee is especially happy to welcome our newest members, Graham Marmion, Josh Thompson,  Michael Nelson and Barbara Tipton.  We look forward to the new, fresh perspectives both will bring to the committee.

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