Summer 2013
K9 Dash compThe Edmonds Police Department lost a valuable member of its department on July 1, 2013. Police K9 Dash retired as his handler, Cpl. Josh McClure was promoted to sergeant effective July 1, 2013.

In the summer of 2006, Dash was adopted in partnership with the Edmonds Police Foundation, from Washington German Shepherd Rescue.  Dash was assigned to Officer Josh McClure in September 2006 and after several months of training they obtained their certification to work as a police K9 unit.  Dash and Cpl. McClure recertified at Master level status the past three years.  Dash has served the citizens of Edmonds and its surrounding communities by locating numerous suspects and items of evidence over the years.  In 2007, Cpl. McClure was selected as the Edmonds Police Officer of the Year and Dash awarded the Medal of Valor for tackling a suspect who was shooting at Cpl. McClure.  Dash will retire from police work but will continue to live with Cpl. McClure and his family. Cpl. McClure and the Edmonds Police Department would like to extend their appreciation to the citizens of Edmonds for the support that they both received during their tenure.
K9 Dash 2 comp

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