Summer 2013

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Over the last several months the City’s Department of Public Works & Utilities has been managing a major infrastructure improvement project for the City’s wastewater collection system. While it is easy to forget because it is often out of sight and out of mind, a well-functioning sanitary sewer system is essential to the quality of life and public health of any community.

All of the City’s residential and commercial wastewater flows throughout the underground pipes of our sewer system mostly under the force of gravity. Lift stations are necessary in locations where the natural topography makes gravity flows impossible, requiring that sewage be elevated mechanically to a higher position where gravity flows can become established once again.

This project includes full rehabilitation of nine of the City’s fourteen sewage lift stations – structures that act as large pumping mechanisms that ensure that the community’s wastewater properly and safely flows through our underground sewers to our downtown wastewater treatment plant. Considered a very critical component of the City’s sewer system, this $3.5 million capital project is on-target for completion in late autumn.

The upgraded lift stations will be more easily and safely accessible for routine maintenance by City staff, will contain more reliable technology and control systems, will be quieter when the pumps are operational to lessen any noise impact in the surrounding neighborhood, are more cost-efficient in their use of electricity, and are in full compliance with the most up-to-date environmental rules and regulations.

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“The sewer is the conscience of the City.” – Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

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