Spring 2019
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While it may seem too early to think about local elections, the time is coming. As many of you have noticed folks are beginning to announce their candidacy for city and county offices.

Isn't this early, the final election isn't until November? Nope! Filing for public office comes in May, primary election in August and the final election is in November. Very few of the candidates will hire professional consultants to run their campaigns, instead, most will organize friends, neighbors and volunteers to assemble their messages and "workforce". Consider volunteering yourself.

Running for election is hard work! All candidates are committed to making their institution better; all want to contribute for the public good. Candidates will deal with stress as they stand before you in the public arena and that takes real courage.

Take the time to understand the views, experience, and knowledge each candidate offers. Ask questions and understand the underlying issues being discussed. You become the decision makers and your role is vital to good government.

Mayor Dave Earling 

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