Spring 2019
five corner reservoir tankThe Five Corners Reservoir provides 60% of the total water storage capacity for the City of Edmonds. The reservoir consists of a 1.5 MG (million gallon) elevated steel tank built in 1960 and a 3.0 MG elevated steel tank built in 1979. The smaller tank was recoated in 1979 and both tanks were recoated in 1994. Properly applied coatings on steel reservoirs will typically last 20 years.

The Five Corners Reservoir Recoating project began in April 2018. The project scope includes recoating interior and exterior tank surfaces, seismic upgrades to current codes, various health and safety improvements and installation of a cathodic protection system to prevent corrosion. The majority of the recoating of the 1.5 MG tank was completed in 2018, with some exterior paint touchup still remaining. The smaller tank did require additional repairs to the exterior and interior walls before the final coatings were applied.

Since the beginning of 2019, construction has been progressing on the 3.0 MG tank. The larger tank, being newer, required less repair work prior to recoating. The 3.0 MG tank interior coating is about 90% complete, the tank exterior coating is 30% complete and structural modifications are 90% complete. The 3.0 MG tank is scheduled to be back on line by mid-May. Restoration of the site should be complete by the end of July. The City appreciates the patience of the nearby residents during construction.

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