Spring 2019
BIBBudget In Brief Offers Community Easy-to-Understand Overview of City’s Budget

For the first time in its history, the City of Edmonds issued a Budget In Brief (BIB) report as an easier way for members of the community to review and see summaries of the essential elements of the City’s budget. In an effort to increase financial transparency and trust, The City of Edmonds Finance Department produced a high-level, stand-alone version of the City FY 2019 Budget Book, which can be easily understood by individuals regardless of their financial background or expertise. The 12 page BIB supports the City’s annual budget as the City’s Citizen’s Report does to support the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

“As part of our City’s ongoing efforts to improve communications with the community, we wanted to create a more reader-friendly version of the City’s annual budget that will hopefully become a useful source of information for our community,” says City of Edmonds Finance Director Scott James. “We tried to create a BIB that is interesting and will help people learn a little more about Edmonds, where the City’s money comes from and how it gets spent.”

The City also publishes an annual budget, which provides budgetary information in much greater detail. Both reports can be found online at the City of Edmonds website. Free hard copies of the new BIB are also available to the public at City Hall, the Frances Anderson Center, and the Edmonds Library.

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