Spring 2019
BLSIn May 2019, the City of Edmonds will partner with the State Business Licensing Service (BLS) to connect local business licenses to BLS. If your business has already paid a license fee to the City of Edmonds, your license is valid through 2019. In 2020 and after, your Edmonds city license will renew at the same time as other local and state licenses. Your renewal cycle may change, however, if you have other renewing state or city licenses supported by BLS.

After mid-May 2019, you may apply for your Edmonds business license via BLS, which issues your state business license. BLS is the “one-stop shop” for business registrations and city licensing in Washington. Benefits include:
  • Intuitive licensing “wizard” for applicants
  • Faster online application and renewal
  • Multiple payment options
  • City limits locator (GIS) to ensure licensing in the appropriate city
  • On-demand license printing
  • No trip to city hall
  • Toll-free customer service 1-800-451-7985

My DOR is the new online portal for the Business Licensing Service. With My DOR, you can:

  • File a business license application
  • Renew a business license application or endorsement
  • Check on the status of a business account
  • View and pay outstanding licensing fees
  • Update account and business information
  • File an excise tax return
  • Download a reseller permit

Why online?
Applying for your business license with My DOR is the fastest way to get started.

  • Get you license quicker: Applications submitted through My DOR are processed in a few business days, compared to weeks for paper applications
  • Renew with ease: Renew your business license using My DOR
  • File business taxes: File and pay your business taxes with My DOR

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