Spring 2019
APS Seaview APS193CD63C Final Sold 7 PhotoThe city’s first inclusive playground is slated to be installed late May / early June at Seaview Park. The playground which is 18 years old was slated for replacement this year in the Capital Improvement Program. Then, led by the efforts of Council member Mike Nelson, the City Council voted to add funds to upgrade the playground to be the first inclusive playground in Edmonds. 

Inclusive playgrounds seek to address the diverse developmental needs of children in the community by ensuring children of all abilities can interact, learn and play while nurturing physical, social-emotional, sensory, cognitive and communicative skill development.  After issuing a request for proposal the City received 11 design submissions for the playground. Those were narrowed down to three options following consultation with the parks department and two local families that have children that would benefit from this playground. Those three designs were voted on by the public receiving 899 unique responses (online and in person) and 397 comments; 349 votes were from individuals who live in the Seaview neighborhood.

“We have three children who play at Seaview Park nearly every day and we are so excited about this new playground,” said Edmonds Mom and Seaview resident Julie Kuehn. “Our oldest two daughters love to climb, swing and explore while our youngest son is unable to move around in his walker. We are honored to be a part of this process to bring a playground to Edmonds that will be fun for all children, regardless of their abilities.”

The new playground will feature two Cozy Spots which offer quiet or semi-enclosed spaces where children can seek sensory relief. Further it will feature several areas in which Social Activities are designed to take place encouraging cooperation. Specifically, the activity panels create social dialog through fantasy play. This playground will feature custom inclusive play panels that offer a large variety of play opportunities while providing space for those in adaptive devices to access them.

The residents of Seaview communicated their love of swings at the park which led to an increase in swinging opportunities. The new park will feature 4 traditional belt swings across the path from the playground adjacent to the restrooms. In addition, the playground will feature a toddler swing, an adaptive swing with a molded seat, high back and adjustable harness and neutral body position as well as a Disc Swing allowing multiple users and/or care givers to have fun and develop whole body awareness. The previous playground had 4 swings, the new design will feature 7.

APS Seaview APS193CD63C Final Sold 1 PhotoOne of the largest enhancements is the fall surface material. This playground will feature a No Fault Safety Surface made of latex free, non-toxic rubber. The surface is porous and slip resistant, seamless and ADA accessible. It is made of recycled, environmentally friendly material and is LEED compliant. This surface will allow children in adaptive mobility devices to move about the playground freely, something that the typical engineered wood fiber material was not able to do.

Finally, the playground will also feature a large climbing structure intended to provide developmental benefits such as balance, agility, upper and lower body strength and decision-making skills. When children climb they develop confidence and take age appropriate risks that help build skills to help them throughout their lives.

In addition to the playground the Parks Crew is planning to improve the path from parking to the playground, remove a few trees that are impeding on the sewer line and sidewalk (replanting a minimum of three trees for each tree removed), additional striping and marking of ADA parking spaces and a full resurfacing of the tennis courts. The restrooms at Seaview Park were refurbished in 2018.

If you have questions regarding the new playground at Seaview Park please contact Shannon Burley at 425-771-0232 or Shannon.burley@edmondswa.gov.

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