Spring 2017


bullet triangle glass blueOne of our Police Corporals watched as this driver took the SR 104 offramp to SR 99 too quickly. This was the result. Thankfully no one was injured.

spring 2017 PD 1

It was a busy March for EPD. Several high profile cases made the news...

bullet triangle glass blueIt all started with a SWAT Standoff near College Place Middle School. After several hours, the suspect finally gave up. 
spring 2017 PD 2

bullet triangle glass blue

About a week later, this happened. This case was ruled accidental by the medical examiner.
spring 2017 PD 3

 bullet triangle glass blueTwo days after that, an elderly man was hit by a car in the crosswalk at 224th ST SW on 76th AVE W.
spring 2017 PD 4

bullet triangle glass blueWe ended March with this: which could have been much worse. Our officers ended up inside this house as the suspect was lighting it on fire! Everyone was able to make it out safely and, arrest the suspect in the process.
spring 2017 PD 5


On a much more upbeat note, EPD took part in some neat community events...

bullet triangle glass blueSay hello to “Team Copsicle”. Helping raise money for Special Olympics.

spring 2017 PD 6
bullet triangle glass blueWe read with kids at Chase Lake Elementary. Light Sabers were optional and we think only Master Yoda should have one anyway.
spring 2017 PD 7

bullet triangle glass blueDetective Trykar put on an internet safety class for parents. If you missed it, check out our YouTube page.
spring 2017 PD 8

bullet triangle glass blueSay hello to EPD’s newest officers!
spring 2017 PD 9

bullet triangle glass blueWe also just hired Marcus Stanley, a former police officer from Arizona. Stanley moved up here and has been a cross-fit instructor, in case you couldn’t tell from the t-shirt. He’s kind of into fitness…
spring 2017 PD 10

bullet triangle glass blueWe just got Officer Brian Poland back from months at the Police Academy. He now starts 14 weeks of additional field training.
spring 2017 PD 11


Mission Accomplished!

bullet triangle glass blueSeveral years ago, we realized the shooting simulator we have was not going to last much longer. This is a valuable training tool for officers, as it allows them to be put into realistic decision making scenarios. The Edmonds Police Foundation took up the cause and began fundraising. In March, the Hazel Miller Foundation, a local charity, donated the remainder needed for the project ($43,192).

spring 2017 PD 12HMF logo