Spring 2014
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Strive to Increase the Quality of What You Put in the Recycle Bin

recycle binConvenient recycling collection where you live has become a common part of our busy lives for over 20 years already.  Most folks who recycle might not think to ever update their knowledge of what is accepted in their recycling bin.  However, today’s recycling collection stream still contains several items that have never been accepted as part of the standard collection.

These materials are considered contamination, which takes effort and expense by recycling facilities to deal with or remove, in order to have a valuable end product.  Contamination has increased and there are probably as many underlying causes of that as there are the numbers of materials commonly accepted in the recycling bin.

One underlying reason for some contamination is the crossover of recycling rules from areas outside of Snohomish County that have some additional materials accepted in those programs, but not at all accepted in this county.  At this time almost all the recycling hauling companies in Snohomish County accept the same list of materials in the recycle bin.

It is highly recommended that households review their curbside recycling company’s list of accepted materials when it is sent annually to all customers, or just contact the company for quick reference.

In Edmonds the curbside recycling companies are:

Sound Disposal, 425-778-2404 , serving residents living within the downtown “bowl” area;

Republic Services, (formerly Allied Waste) – serving the majority of Edmonds;

Waste Management, serving residents in a small area northwest and south of Lake Ballinger.

By the way, some of the most common contaminants in the Recycle are:

  • Plastic bags
  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Tissues
  • Greasy pizza boxes
  • Cardboard box packing contents such as bubble wrap and Styrofoam
  • Food
  • Numerous unacceptable plastic items (toys, utensils and more).

Also you may contact the City of Edmonds Recycling Coordinator at 425-771-0235 or at recycleguy@edmondswa.gov if you have any questions on recycling of any material, or if your business, apartment or condo property is interested in receiving free recycling assistance.

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