Fall 2015
Newsletter for Fall 2015
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Your Right to Vote...

One of the rights and privileges we have in the United States is our ability to participate by voting on our elected representatives at the state, national and local levels. Generally local elections (county and city) alternate years with state and federal elections.

This year we are holding local elections, choosing our county and city leadership. We should be proud of the fact that generally Edmonds is one of the top 2 or 3 cities in the county for voter turnout. Four years ago we were in a dead heat with, as I recall, Index and Woodway... two cities much smaller than Edmonds.

While the right to vote is part of our founding fathers original intention, the history of the right to vote was a very long and arduous journey with the road to success, at best, a very bumpy one.

That journey began with the Constitution establishing voting rights, with each state given the right to decide their own framework. Originally, most states chose to have only free male property owners vote. Along the way there were many milestones – including the women's right to vote through the women suffrage movement and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Yes, the road has been long and bumpy and, as yet, it is still not complete. Until all of us treasure the right we have to vote, whatever our political leanings, and exercise that right, the journey is not complete. For me the bottom line is not who you vote for, but that you participate in the process. So please, vote in the November 3rd election.

Mayor Dave Earling

UW 75City of Edmonds employees are a caring bunch. Every year City employees and City Council participate in a United Way campaign to raise funds for kids, families and the Snohomish County community. Last year employees gave over $9,000 to United Way. This year's goal... $12,000, or roughly, a one-time donation of $58 per employee.

The City will kick-off their campaign on Monday, November 2nd and it will run through Wednesday, November 25th. While the campaign will once again include meetings with all the City departments, the City's United Way campaign committee is also planning a few surprise activities as well.

If you are interested in pledging a donation through our City campaign, please contact Carolyn LaFave in the Mayor's Office @ 425.771.0247 or carolyn.lafave@edmondswa.gov.


Sno-Isle LibrariesSno-Isle Libraries is taking a fresh look at our facilities and how people use them. We want to continue as a leader in providing library services that meet current, emerging and future community needs. To do so, we are looking out over the next 10 years to 2025 and developing a new Facilities Plan, which will guide us in building new libraries and improving current library facilities throughout Snohomish and Island Counties.

Community input will help us identify what our libraries should look like and what services they should provide over the next ten years. We want to hear from you about:
  • What our libraries should look like.
  • What services our libraries should provide.
  • Where we need additional libraries.

We are just beginning the process to develop a new Facilities Plan. Your input in these early stages of planning can help shape the future of our library system.

Join the conversation... We are offering a wide variety of opportunities for people to share their thoughts, including in person and online options. Information on upcoming events and engagement opportunities will be highlighted on our website:sno-isle.org/facplan.

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