Fall 2014
The City has already issued 27 permits for solar installations in 2014, up from 6 in all of 2013. And 23 of those permits were applied for online, using the City’s online permit system. The ability to apply for solar permits online was something the City put in place at the end of 2013, along with a simplified checklist and lowered application fee reflecting the industry’s more standardized modular approach to rooftop residential installations. Residential Solar installations have averaged about 6.4 kW each and vary according to the specifics of each site.

solarize incentivesThe two solar campaigns this year have helped call attention to the significant incentives available to those installing solar panels on their roofs. The most significant ongoing incentive is the ability to reduce homeowners’ electricity bills, but rebates and tax credits have meant that the “pay-back” period (the time needed to recoup the initial cost of the installation) has dropped to four-to-five years.

The first campaign this year, “Sunergize Edmonds,” occurred in the Spring and was co-sponsored by Sustainable Edmonds.

The current campaign, “Solarize South County,” is being run by local non-profit Northwest SEED and is designed to provide discounted solar installations through a group purchase model that also simplifies the process of obtaining solar for your home. The Solarize campaign only runs through the end of October; more information can be found online at www.solarizewa.org or by emailing Meghan Barrier at meghan@nwseed.org. But if you’re interested, hurry… the signup period ends on October 31st!

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