Fall 2014
COMP PlanThe City’s Comprehensive Plan is being updated to refresh the information and make any needed modifications.   Under state law, the deadline for updating is mid-2015.

Based on City Council direction, the update will follow a tight schedule and also invite public input.

Each existing Plan element is being reviewed for needed changes, especially to incorporate more recent Census data.  The review will consider future needs for transportation, population, jobs, and other needs out through 2035.  The current Comprehensive Plan only goes through 2025.

The first update recommended by the Planning Board after a public meeting is for the Sustainability Element.   The next element under consideration is for housing. 

In the spring of 2015, a transportation update will be proposed.  Transportation is the element most likely to be rewritten, rather than just getting minor amendments.   It will include new information from a study being done of the SR 104 corridor.

The existing Comprehensive Plan can be viewed on the City’s website.   Information about the 2015 updates and related public meetings will be posted periodically.  To confirm specific Plan update meetings for the Planning Board or City Council, check the City’s Meeting Agenda webpage or contact the Development Services Department at 425.771.0220.

Draft updates for each Plan element will be reviewed one-by-one over the next few months.  Actual adoption will be scheduled after all elements have been reviewed.  That’s because under state law, a Comprehensive Plan can generally be amended no more than once per year and all elements must be consistent with each other.

The Comprehensive Plan serves as an overall guide for city regulations, policies, planning, and capital facilities.

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