Fall 2014
Detective Corporal Damian Smith of the Edmonds Police Department is a very busy guy. An Edmonds Police Officer since 2002, Smith has also served with the Washington Air National Guard both on active duty (pre-Edmonds PD) and with the ANG for 20+ years. During his time in the ANG he was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, responded to England to help train RAF personnel preparing to deploy to Afghanistan, responded to and provided support during the massive Chehalis floods of 2007 as well as standing ready each year for possible forest fires within the state.

Smith was recently promoted to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant (E8) in the Air Force and was recognized in a ceremony on September 6th. Attending the ceremony at Camp Murray were ACOP Lawless and Detective McIntyre, of the Edmonds Police Department, Detective McIntyre's wife and retired Edmonds Police Officer Bill Nelson.

In a letter sent to Mayor Dave Earling, Smith expressed his thanks to the members of the Edmonds Police Department for the support they have shown him throughout his tenure here at the City and at his recent promotion ceremony. He went on to say "thank you for supporting me and my continued volunteer military service by ensuring we, the City of Edmonds, have the best employees with the best of intentions".

D Smith 9982

Picture from left to right are: ACOP Jim Lawless, Senior Master Sergeant Damian Smith, First Sergeant, 194th Medical Group, and Colonel James Guyer, Commander, 194th Medical Group, 194th Regional Support Wing, Washington Air National Guard

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