Fall 2014
At our September 4th meeting we started by recognizing the passing of Bob Freeman, a valued member of the committee. (Please see our tribute to him following this report.)

climate-01 smThe Climate Protection Committee provided invaluable input to the Planning Board as the Board reviewed the Sustainability Element of the Comprehensive Plan .

In other areas, CPC and city staff member, Steve Fisher, has been working with hauling companies to analyze behavioral changes in Edmonds residents’ recycling habits. So far, the amount of materials that are recycled or composted in our community is increasing resulting in less volume taken to the landfills. We would like to encourage that trend; less material going to landfills means less heat trapping gases released into the atmosphere. Some cities have goals to reduce a specific percentage of materials that will be buried in the landfills. For example, Seattle plans on recycling 70% of their solid waste by 2025. We recognized that Edmonds may want to consider similar goals.

Many committee members have also been working with Solarize South County, a non-profit organization offering discounts for solar installations to Edmonds and Lynnwood residents. Solarize South County has successfully reached out to homeowners. For instance, last year, six homeowners had panels installed. In comparison, this year, 27 residents have obtained building permits for solar installations. For residents who are interested in signing up for an informational workshop or learning more about the program, visit the Solarize Washington website.

The Mayor’s CPC has been successfully connecting with Edmonds business owners to take the “Green Building Pledge.” This pledge says that businesses are committed to being role models for positive environmental impact. To date, 32 businesses have taken the pledge and the committee members are on track to reach our goal of 50 businesses this year. The CPC now has window decals for business who have taken the pledge to acknowledge their efforts and attract customers who want to support “green” business practices. For citizens to see who is on the list and businesses who want to learn more, visit the city’s website.

We encourage citizens to attend our meetings. The Mayor’s CPC meets on the first Thursday of every other month from 8:45 AM to 10:00 AM in the Fourtner Room on the 3rd Floor of Edmonds City Hall.  Our next meeting is scheduled for November 6th.

In recognition of Bob Freeman, valued member of the Edmonds Climate Protection Committee

With the passing of Bob Freeman on September 1, 2014, our city lost a well-respected, civic-minded gentleman. Former Edmonds Mayor Gary Haakenson lauded Mr. Freeman’s “valuable contributions to the Mayor’s Climate Protection Committee (CPC)” and his ardent “interest in climate change.”

Shortly after the Mayor’s CPC was formed in 2006, committee members recognized the need to form a citizen’s organization to educate and guide our city towards environmental and economic sustainability. In 2008, Mr. Freeman and his wife Janice co-founded Sustainable Edmonds, a non-profit organization staffed solely by citizen volunteers.  Sustainable Edmonds board member and former CPC member, Todd Cloutier so eloquently stated: “Bob set the standard for devotion to community. I’ve never known anyone who gave so much of himself, and cared not who got the credit. For every proposition he developed, for every cause, for every initiative, he always started every sentence with “We” instead of “I”, underscoring that we really are all in this together.”

One of Mr. Freeman's accomplishments was the addition of a Sustainability element to the Edmonds Comprehensive Plan. The 2009 Comprehensive Plan, adopted by the Edmonds city Council, included the Sustainability Element which addresses the topics of climate change, community health, and environmental quality.

Mr. Freeman was a major player in the creation of the Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative. His work resulted in the installation of roof-top solar panels on the Frances Anderson Center’s roof.

Bob’s legacy will live on as his work will be continued by Janice Freeman and all of us who are disciples of Bob. A proclamation in honor of Bob and Janice Freeman was read into the public record and signed by Mayor Earling during the September 9th Edmonds City Council meeting

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