Fall 2012
by Mike Blackburn, Edmonds PD Administrative Sergeant

The employees of Edmonds Police Department are celebrating the agency’s centennial anniversary on October 16, 2012. The community that became Edmonds developed from the original homestead of George Brackett in 1876. Edmonds was officially incorporated in 1890, and in 1912 the police department was established by City Council and Mayor A. L. Waddle with Ordinance No. 254.

Station MuralAs part of the centennial celebration, the police department employees hosted an open house on Sunday, September 16, 2012. Over 450 visitors were provided a unique opportunity to see operations from the inside, view displays of vintage and modern police equipment, meet a K-9 team, and examine police vehicles including the mobile communications bus and the Support 7 van. Guests also witnessed the public unveiling of three recently completed, historically significant murals painted by local artist Andy Eccleshall.

The mural project was conceived by the employees of Edmonds Police Department and completed without cost to the City. The three-phase project was made possible by support from the Edmonds Police Foundation, Campbell-Nelson Volkswagen/Nissan, the Edmonds Historical Museum, donations from the public, and contributions from individual employees. One of the murals depicts various uniform badges worn throughout the department’s history, while a second mural consists of a large contemporary uniform patch. The third mural is an image of the original police station with a vintage city police car parked out front. That brick and stone building, which still stands today at 118 5th Ave. North, was constructed in 1910 with a grant from the Carnegie Foundation. The city library was located upstairs, while City Hall was on the lower floor. That lower level housed offices for city business, the council chambers, as well as the police department and city jail. The building has since been placed on the National Register of Historic Buildings and currently houses the City of Edmonds Museum. 

The mural depicting Edmonds’ original police station is located in the large open stairwell that links the first and second floors of today’s modern police station. Its location provides all police employees and station visitors a convenient reminder of our humble beginnings 100 years ago. In 1912 the police department was staffed by one marshal. Today our city of over 39,000 residents is served by a police force of 54 commissioned officers and 11 civilian staff members. 

In recognition of the centennial anniversary, the Edmonds Historical Museum is presenting its exhibit, "Stick ‘Em Up! Celebrating 100 years of the Edmonds Police Department.” The museum exhibit runs through November 4th.

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