Economic Impact Arts Comments

Economic Impact Arts Comments

Arts & Culture 2017 Economic Impact Study

Recommendations for how Edmonds can build on its arts and culture strengths and further enhance the economy and communtiy overrall are listed below.

The City of Edmonds is requesting public input on the findings of the study. View the full study.

1. Strengthen the arts and culture sector citywide in economic development efforts.

»» a. Embrace arts and culture as a core part of the Edmonds community identity citywide.

»» b. Increase the arts and culture network to include new, informal, and non-traditional entities.

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2. Integrate arts and culture’s contributions to the economy in new and existing community economic development efforts.

»» a. Seek Creative District designation through the Washington State Arts Commission.

»» b. Identify arts and culture businesses and stakeholders as a targeted economic cluster along with others identified in the City’s Economic Development Element.

»» c. Advocate for city infrastructure decisions that support arts and culture growth. For example, efforts include the 4th Avenue Arts Corridor to build a better walking connection between the ECA, Civic Field, and Main Street.

»» d. Cultivate a robust arts and culture sector with a healthy array of large and small entities and a diverse constellation of attractions. The importance of Edmonds Center for the Arts in the Edmonds cultural ecosystem as demonstrated by this report may help to set such a direction.

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3. Collaborate to attract target audiences.

»» a. Expand arts programming targeted to those under 40, families, and communities of color.

»»b. Design advisory functions to bring representatives of those under 40 and underrepresented populations into planning and decision-making.

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4. Work across the community to develop positive visitor experiences.

»» a. Bundle dining/drinking, recreation, and lodging opportunities with arts and cultural experiences.

»» b. Make sure the logistics of visitor experiences are easy, with convenient parking, clear wayfinding, etc.

»» c. Promote Edmonds’ parks and waterfront activities at arts and culture venues, activities, and events.

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5. Market Edmonds regionally and tier marketing investments and strategies.

»» a. Prioritize marketing and promotion in the areas of North Seattle, Kingston, and Snohomish County, defined roughly by a 30-minute drive.

»» b. Explore additional opportunities to attract out-of-area tourists.

»» c. Continue work with Snohomish County and Washington State arts, recreation, and tourism entities to strengthen and promote Edmonds’s offerings.

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