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Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program

What is the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program?

"The Washington State Legislature passed the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Law in 1991, incorporating it into the Washington Clean Air Act. The goals of the program are to reduce traffic congestion, reduce air pollution, and petroleum consumption through employer-based programs that decrease the number of commute trips made by people driving alone" (

What does this mean for employers? In the State of Washington, any agency with more than 100 employees must participate in the CTR program and to set worksite CTR goals to help reduce single occupancy vehicle (SOV) usage on the roadways.

Currently, there are three agencies in Edmonds participating in the CTR program:
  • City of Edmonds
  • Stevens Hospital and
  • Edmonds Family Medicine Clinic.

For Snohomish County, Community Transit is responsible for coordinating with each of these agencies to monitor progress toward CTR program goals.  One method that is used to measure progress is by having each worksite conduct a survey every other year to evaluate employee commute options (alternatives).  The survey results are reviewed with the Community Transit Coordinator to see if the worksite is in compliance with CTR goals. To reach the goal, the worksite must attain either the (SOV) goal OR the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) goal (the sum of miles traveled by motor vehicles, divided by the number of employees). Each agency is responsible to make every good faith effort to reach SOV or VMT goals.

Throughout the year, to help encourage employees to participate in the program, there are many free Community Transit sponsored CTR program events that employees can participate in such as:

Every employee in the city of Edmonds has a variety of different commuting options available which include:

Refer to for information about possibly creating your own Vanpool with co-workers / friends. This smart, economic and very efficient plan allows companies to pay one monthly fee while "The Rideshare Company" assumes the responsibilities for van maintenance, insurance coverage, gas costs and more. The van can carry between 7 and 15 passengers.

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