Cemetery Board Minutes

Municipal Court Organization



Mission Statement

Linda W. Y. Coburn

Joan Ferebee

Rick Bomar
Probation Officer

Renee Garney
Amber Clifton
Lauren Natterstad
Tammy Weedman
Sherel Garrett-Jones
  Edmonds Municipal Court strives to help each community member understand the judicial system. We will achieve excellence by coming together as a positive and knowledgeable team that works efficiently as a professional office.


  The court publicly administers justice arising from violations of city ordinances and RCW statutes.  It’s the vital link between the citizens of Edmonds and litigants. The Edmonds Municipal court performs the following functions:
  • Adjudicates criminal, civil and traffic violations.
  • Practices caseflow management to ensure no defendant’s rights are violated.
  • Maintains the court’s case files, financial records and legal documents.
  • Oversees the receipting and distribution of court fines and forfeitures.