Cemetery Board Agenda

Pedestrian & Bicycle Projects

TBD Project Rank: 20

PROJECT NAME: Main St. Pedestrian Lighting from 5th Ave to 6th Ave


Photo of proposed project rank 20.Drawing of proposed project rank 20.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The project consists of installing (11) historic style decorative light poles along this block (6 on the south side and 5 on the north side), (4) decorative poles with artist made elements at the top of the pole (2 on both sides), and inlaid street names at the intersection corners. The visual character of this location will be further enhanced as each new pole will have a planter basket for summer flowers. New sidewalk and curb gutter will be installed along both sides of this stretch (total length: approximately 1,200'), to improve pedestrian safety and remove the sidewalk humps and cracks. New ADA curb ramps or truncated domes will be installed at all non-compliant curb ramps. The trees will remain but root barriers will be added to prevent tree roots from impacting the sidewalk in the future.

PROJECT BENEFIT/ RATIONALE:  Increase pedestrian safety and activity along the Downtown Retail Core at all times of the day.