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Edmonds Discovery Programs
A Leader in Conservation Education since 1980

Spring Break Discovery Days
(Ages 6-12)

Wondering what your child can do during spring break for the Edmonds School District? Enroll them in Discovery Days! This week-long environmental learning camp is taught by Discovery Programs Ranger Naturalists. Each day's activities, crafts and outdoor programs are built around a theme, and include a walk to a park.

Some of our themes are: Wetland Adventures, Birds & Bats, Slugs 'n Bugs, Wonderful Whales, and Tidepool Treasures.

Non-School Day Mini-Camps
(Ages 6-12)

We offer nature-themed 5-hour mini-camps on most non-school days in the Edmonds School District.  See the recreation program guide for current offerings.

Summer Camps:


Bat Girl

Classes are held at the Frances Anderson Center, 700 Main Street. Call (425) 771-0230 for dates and availability, or see the recreation program guide.

Junior Beach Rangers I (Ages 6-7)

Discover the beach with a Ranger Naturalist! Learn about the diversity of creatures that live at the seashore, as well as how to keep them and yourself safe while exploring tide pools. Lots of fun and engaging activities included! Four hours a day for four days.

Camper must have completed Kindergarten, or will turn 6 years of age before August 31st.


Junior Beach Rangers copy

Call (425) 771-0230 for dates and availability, or see the recreation program guide.

Junior Beach Rangers II (Ages 8-10)

Explore the seashore during low tide! Activities, games, and crafts will help you learn about tides, seashore animals, seaweed, and seabirds.  Start learning the techniques of marine biologists, and how to be a good steward of Puget Sound. Five hours a day for five days.







Junior Naturalists (Ages 9-12)

Learn techniques that professional naturalists use: animal tracking, nature journaling, bird identification, stream and wetland investigations, and more.  Use scientific tools while exploring the forest, marsh, and intertidal habitats of Edmonds!  Five hours a day for five days.







Nature Explorers (Ages 6-8)

Investigate the wild side of nature!  Look for clues about the animals that live in our forests and wetlands.  Learn how to use the tools of wildlife biologists to identify and understand our wild neighbors.  Games and crafts add extra fun to this camp.  Four hours a day for five days.

Junior Naturalists

Call (425) 771-0230 for dates and availability, or see the recreation program guide.

Wildlife Detectives


See the Recreation Program Guide for complete program listings.