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WSU Beach Watchers

Do you volunteer on restoration, research or education projects that benefit Puget Sound?  Perhaps you are ready to delve deeper into Puget Sound protection by becoming a WSU Beach Watcher.  Beach Watchers are volunteers dedicated to the protection of Puget Sound through research, education and restoration.  There are currently over 700 Beach Watchers around Puget Sound who have all received 100 hours of training. 

You don’t have to live on a beach, or even have beach access, to become a WSU Beach Watcher.  “All you need to become a WSU Beach Watcher is passion for the waters, wildlife and lands of Puget Sound, time to volunteer and a willingness to work with others.” says Chrys Bertolotto, WSU Snohomish County Extension Beach Watcher Coordinator. 

The annual training in Snohomish County involves university level training on topics like local geology and coastal processes, forestry, birds, marine biology, water quality topics, the latest climate change science, tribal and farming history, noxious weeds, native plants, salmon, shoreline regulations, intertidal organisms and so much more.  There are lots of field trips and hands-on learning opportunities.

In return for training, WSU Beach Watchers are expected to volunteer 100 hours in two years working on Puget Sound research, education and / or restoration projects with partner organizations.  There are many ways to volunteer, and volunteer hours add up quickly.  Each WSU Beach Watcher is encouraged to find the volunteer role that inspires them and works with their lives. 

Seating is limited so there is an application process.  There is a $30 materials fee, with scholarships available.  Applications are found at the WSU Beach Watchers website: (  In addition, you can contact Chrys Bertolotto (425) 357-6020 or for more information or an application.