Urban Forest Mgmt Plan

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Urban Forest Management Plan

The City of Edmonds is working to develop an Urban Forest Management Plan that will primarily focus on managing trees on public properties and in public rights-of-way.  The plan will also consider some community-wide issues, for example, the community’s total tree canopy, the role of trees in critical wildlife habitat corridors throughout the city, and opportunities for public education.

We invite you to learn more about the intent and goals behind creating an urban forest management plan. This webpage includes press releases, project documents, information from previous meetings, and a schedule of future meetings as they become available.  

Broad public input on the plan is welcome. The Citizens Tree Board and Planning Board will be involved. Final review and plan adoption is a City Council decision. Implementation of the plan would begin immediately after adoption.

For questions, contact: Brad.Shipley@edmondswa.gov.


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arrow-b Press Releases

April 10, 2018 - Open House to be held on Draft Tree Plan 

March 13, 2018 - Draft Tree Plan Comes Out

June 23, 2017 - Urban Forest Management Plan Open House Draws a Crowd

arrow-b Project Documents

The November draft reflects changes have been made from the July draft to reflect more information on native trees and other comments that we received. Click here for a summary of changes.  



Urban Forest Management Plan DRAFT (November 2018)

Urban Forest Management Plan DRAFT (July 2018)

Tree Canopy Assessment



Urban Forest Fragmentation Map

Land Cover Map

Tree Canopy Park Map


 arrow-b Meetings & Presentations


Upcoming Meetings/Hearings


November 27, 2018

City Council Discussion

7:00 pm @ Council Chambers

250 5th Ave N., Downtown Edmonds


Past Meetings/Hearings


June 19, 2018

City Council Public Hearing




May 9, 2018 

Planning Board Public Hearing



April 19, 2018

Public Open House




April 11, 2018

Planning Board Meeting


April 5, 2018

Tree Board update



July 26, 2017

Planning Board update




June 22, 2017

Open House



Virtual Open House - April 19, 2018