Highway 99 Planning Project


arrow-b Project Overview

The Highway 99 corridor is a key feature of Edmonds. It is comprised of a two-mile stretch of Highway 99 (a state highway) and the land area around it. Parts of this corridor abut the jurisdictions of Shoreline, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, and Snohomish County. The Highway 99 Subarea Plan project focuses on a community vision and approaches for making long-term improvements to land use and transportation, while also retaining the positive characteristics of many parts of the corridor. 

In August, 2017, the City Council passed ordinances to adopt the Highway 99 Subarea Plan and Planned Action EIS. These documents can be found under the "Documents" tab below.

Building on the Subarea Plan, the City is working with SCJ Alliance to design how the corridor will look and feel in the future. You can follow along on the project website at www.edmondscorridor99.org.


News & Updates

8/15/2017   City Council will take action on adopting the plan, zoning map, code amendments, and planned action ordinance.
7/31/2017   City Council will hold a Public Hearing on the Highway 99 Area Planned Action Ordinance regarding SEPA process related to the Hwy 99 subarea plan and code.
6/14/2017   The Planning Board held a hearing on the proposed zone changes in the Highway 99 subarea on June 14th
5/10/2017   The Planning Board held a public hearing on proposed codes changes for the Highway 99 subarea on May 10th. The presentation from the meeting can be viewed here.
4/25/2017   Edmonds transportation projects get help from Olympia.
4/7/2016   An online survey is now available online at the project website.
3/24/2016   Polling results from the March 24th public workshop on the Highway 99 project and visioning are available online.

Meetings & Presentations

8/15/2017   Take action on adopting the plan, zoning map, code amendments, and planned action ordinance (City Council).
7/31/2017   Public Hearing on the planned action code (aka "planned action ordinance") regarding SEPA process related related to the Hwy 99 area plan (City Council).
6/14/2017   Public Hearing on Highway 99 zoning changes (Planning Board). View proposed map changes here.
5/10/2017   Public Hearing on Highway 99 code amendments (Planning Board). The presentation is here.
4/12/2017   Presentation on proposed Highway 99 code amendments from the April 12, 2017 Planning Board meeting
3/21/2017   City Council Public Hearing on the Highway 99 Subarea Plan
11/10/2016   Presentation from November, 2016 Open House
5/19/2016   Presentation from the May 19, 2016 Open House (2MB)
3/24/2016   Presentation from March 24, 2016 Workshop  
3/24/2016   Public Workshop on Highway 99 project and visioning 
2/9/2016   Highway 99 Subarea Planning Project Council Briefing - Project "Kick-Off" (6MB)


Background Documents

Planning News

  • Highway 99 Subarea Plan

    Click here to follow progress on the Highway 99 Subarea planning process.

  • Shoreline Master Program Update

    Find out about the new Shoreline Master Program update, affecting planning and regulation city shorelines (including Edmonds Marsh and Lake Ballinger).

  • AWC Award

    The City of Edmonds won an Association of Washington Cities Municipal Excellence Award for its Sustaining Edmonds program.